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Robert R. Everett<br>2009 CHM Fellow</br>

Robert R. Everett
2009 CHM Fellow

June 26, 1921–August 15, 2018

Everett graduated from Duke University in 1942 with a degree in electrical engineering and completed a master's in that field a year later at MIT. He began his career working on two early and important digital computing projects: the MIT Whirlwind and SAGE. This led Everett to found MITRE, where he was president and CEO from 1969–1986.

Eat, Drink &amp; Be Techie

Eat, Drink & Be Techie

Kick Off Your Weekend with Friday Nights @CHM

Friday Nights @CHM is offering you a whole new way to experience the Computer History Museum this summer. With extended hours from 5 to 9 p.m., visitors can enjoy BBQ from Catered Too, exhibits, and CHM Live programming on select nights. Check our upcoming events calendar for Friday night programming.

Task Rabbits and Thunder Lizards: A Founder and Funder Story

Task Rabbits and Thunder Lizards: A Founder and Funder Story

TaskRabbit founder Leah Busque and Floodgate venture capitalist Ann Miura-Ko join the Exponential Center's Marguerite Gong Hancock to discuss their partnership growing one of the earliest companies of the sharing economy. 

QuickTime and the Rise of Multimedia

QuickTime and the Rise of Multimedia

QuickTime, the pioneering digital video format for personal computers, was developed by Apple and released in 1991. Its technology is found in any device that plays digital video, from cell phones to 4K streaming TV. Curator Hansen Hsu explores the origins of QuickTime with three of its early software developers: Bruce Leak, Peter Hoddie, and Doug Camplejohn.

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