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Gift of Science Museum of Minnesota, X48.82
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Harry Huskey at the SWAC
c. 1950
Credit: National Bureau of Standards

Bendix/CDC, United States

Introduced in 1956, the Bendix G-15 was a very popular, mid-sized engineering computer. Its main memory was a rotating magnetic drum, storing both program and data. It was relatively inexpensive and Bendix sold over 400 G-15s before Control Data Corporation (CDC) took over Bendix in 1963.

Designer Harry Huskey had previously worked with computer pioneers Alan Turing and John von Neumann and contributed to a variety of early projects including the ENIAC, the Pilot-ACE, the SWAC, and the UC Berkeley Timesharing Computer.

Memory Type:DrumSpeed:1,851 Add/s
Memory Size:2,176Cost:$44,800
Memory Width:(29-bit)Click to see technical notes