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Burroughs E1100 Electronic Computing-Accounting Machine

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Still Image


Burroughs Corporation

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Detroit, MI, US


8 x 10 in.


Black and white image of Burroughs Electronic, Computing -Accounting Machine.This is in a banking environment. In the foreground a woman teller is operating an input/output
device with accounting keyboard and typewriter like printer carriage. A man is at the window waiting for his receipt. In the background are other people in conversation. Verso Paper insert: " New E1100 Electronic, Computing-Accounting machine from Burroughs Corporation combines familiar keyboard with solid-state electronics. Low-cost, high-output E1100 will multiply two 5-digit numbers in 1/20th of a second, stores frequently used factors such as tax, interest and discount rates in a memory unit. On typical payroll jobs, operator enters name, hours worked and payrate. E1100 automatically computes regular pay, overtime and shift premium, computes and deducts federal and local income taxes and social security, then prints paycheck. Machine speeds and simplifies all general accounting operations, simultaneously gathers data for managemnet reports. From: News Bureau Burroughs Corporation Detroit, Michigan 48323 Phone: 875-2260, Ext. 2234



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