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Two NOVA 1210 computers made by Data General Corporation

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Still Image

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Other number P760


10 x 8 in.


Photographic print


Man in uniform with white cap, sitting, reading a print-out sheet and holding a mike. Showing is his back and his face is not visible but he is wearing dark rim glasses. On the lower left, a model of a two-story house and on the roof is a number key board. Verso: a typed half page paper with the caption: "Two Nova 1210 mincomputers, made by Data General Corportation, monitor doors and windows and fire and smoke detectors in Sugar Creek, a $200 million planned community near Houston. The system is activated by punching a code in a keyboard pad, like the one mounted in the roof of the model house, above. A message typed out in the computer control center tells a security officer the location of the disturbance. In the event of an intrusion or fire, the computer automatically turns on all the lights in the house and sounds audible alarms."


Publicity photograph


Data General Corporation; NOVA (Computer)

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