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IBM Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator

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8 x 10 in.


Black and white drawing of IBM SSEC. Shows the calculator on a raised platform. To the left are rows of componet cabinets with a man at the rear
At the far rear are three large isentical sections with large reels feeding throgh loops. To the right are large cabinets with componets showing with a man standing at the middle. In the middle of the room are several devices with a woman sitting at the last one in the rear. Caption: " The IBM Selective Sequence Calculator. Diagram at left identifies and locates major units," Below left paragraph: "This machine will assist the scientist in institutions iof learning , in government, and in industry to explore the consequences of man's thought to the outermost reaches of time, space and physical conditions. signed Jho J Watson" Note 1: This is the famous photograph of tht IBM Selective Sequence Calculator ( circa 1948) with the building support column in the middle of the room airbrushed out." Note 2: " The Selectric Sequence Electronic Calculator became the IBM 701."
Note 3: " This aritifact is from the world famous Fred Gruenberger Archives."
Verso: IBM SSEC in pencil X2279.2002 in pencil


Photograph of a Drawing


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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