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IBM 360/50 commemorative plaque

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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Identifying Numbers

Other number 2050FP Printed on PC board
Other number 5469469-50 On PC board in frame
Other number 73319 Scratched into PC board
Other number E.C. 2584276 On PC board in frame


overall: 24 in x 23 in x 1 in


Commemorative display panel contains three items under a mat board. Top item is the read-only memory PCB for the floating-point instructions of a 360/50 (as evidenced by the "2050 FP" notation). Bottom left item is an IBM announcement letter announcing the (infamous) "floating point upgrade" to the early 360 line. The original 360 architecture had a deficient floating-point instruction design that encouraged rapid round-off errors. After customer complaints, IBM redesigned the F.P. instructions and performed field upgrades to all systems that had that option installed. This letter details the changes made. The bottom right-hand letter announces the release of OS/360 Release 14 with improvements related to the FP upgrade.


Ephemera/plaque / paperweight


Gift of Neil Lewis

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