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1958-1969; bulk 1958-1959


Halpern, Mark I.

Biographical Notes

Mark Halpern was born on March 1, 1931 in New York, New York. He received a BA from City
College of New York in 1951 and went on to pursue a PhD in English Language and Literature
at Columbia University. However, in 1957, Halpern left his doctoral program at Columbia to
begin work for IBM as a computer programmer. This transition occurred just months after IBM’s
Programming Research Department announced the release of Fortran, and much of Halpern’s
training and work at IBM involved working with this new programming language. In 1961,
Halpern left IBM and began working at the Palo Alto Research Laboratories of Lockheed
Missiles and Space Company (LMSC) as the Head of Programming Application Research.
During his time at LCSC, Halpern made significant progress on XPOP, a macroprocessor-based
programming system.
In 1967, Halpern was invited to speak at a conference held internally by IBM and was
subsequently re-hired by the company as part of its Assembler Language Department and
Mission in San Jose, California. After two years in this position, Halpern resigned from IBM for a
second time in December of 1969 and worked in a number of brief jobs including developing software for Fairchild Camera & Instruments and working for Crocker National Bank in Data
Processing & Systems Administration.
In 1972, Halpern started working at Tymshare, Inc., a company that provided public time-shared
computer networking. Halpern stayed at Tymshare for almost six years working on the
development of a "SuperFORTRAN" compiler with its vendor, the Digital Equipment Corporation
(DEC). In 1978, Halpern left Tymshare for a job as compiler-department manager with the
Western Development Center (WDC) of Datapoint. Halpern’s last job programming and
managing software development started in 1983 with a company called Dialogue Systems (later
renamed Enhansys).
After this job, Halpern shifted his career to technical writing, starting in 1987 as a technical writer
for Tandem Computers, Inc. Since then, Halpern has devoted his career to writing and
publishing works on various topics relating to technology and linguistics including two books,
Binding Time: Six Studies in Programming Technology and Milieu (Ablex Publishers, 1990) and
Language & Human Nature (Regent Press, 2006)


Included in this folder is the October 1964 issue of Automatic Programming Information, which features an article by Halpern. This folder also includes loose articles and two issues of Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery.


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Mark Halpern papers

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Gift of Mark Halpern

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