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Stoyan, Herbert

Biographical Notes

Herbert Stoyan was born in 1943 in what was to become East Germany. Stoyan
received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Technical University Dresden in 1970 and
joined an artificial intelligence (AI) group led by Egbert Lehmann at Robotron. Stoyan
implemented the LISP system that was used for all AI work in East Germany, working
only from the book The Programming Language LISP: Its Operation and Applications
(see Bibliography below). In 1977 he became interested in LISP history; publishing a
book on LISP and its history in 1979. In 1981 he moved to West Germany and changed
his career from industrial research to university teaching. In 1986 he became Professor
of Information Sciences at the University of Konstanz, in 1989 he became Professor of
Interdisciplinary Studies in Darmstadt, and in 1990 he became Professor of Artificial
Intelligence at the University of Erlangen. He published papers on LISP history in 1984
and 1991 and a two-volume book Programmiermethoden der K√ľnstlichen Intelligenz
[Programming Methods of Artificial Intelligence] in 1991. Stoyan retired in 2008.


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Herbert Stoyan collection on LISP programming

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