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ACM SIGGRAPH 86 course notes

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ACM SIGGRAPH 86 course notes 1-23 are stored in Box 2; an incomplete set missing volume 13. Remainder of course notes, 24-30, are stored in Box 3.
1 Introduction to computer graphics
2 How to evaluate and shop for graphics hardware
3 Introduction to color raster graphics
4 Introduction to the use of splines in freeform curve and surface design
5 Extension of B-spline curve algorithms to curves
6 Today's problemsolvers: graphic workstations
7 Computer graphics in mechanical design
8 Introduction to solid modeling
9 Advanced topics in solid modeling
10 Geometry for computer graphics and computer aided design
11 Fractals: basic concepts, computation and selected topics
12 Developments in ray tracing
13 missing
14 Advanced image processing
15 State of the art in image synthesis
16 Image rendering tricks
17 Interactive laser videodisc: applications and production
18 How to design user-computer interfaces
19 Advanced topics - human factors in computing systems
20 Human computer interaction: selected theories, technologies, techniques and tools
21 Animation appreciation
22 Advanced computer animation
23 Computer animation: 3-D motion specification and control
24 Computer animation using video techniques
25 Understanding the computer graphics virtual device interface (CG-VDI)
26 An introduction to PHIGS: the programmer's hierarchical interactive graphics system
27 Integrating music and graphics
28 PC-based systems for professional quality graphics
29 Documentation graphics
30 Financing and asset management of the developing, high growth computer graphics company


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