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CDC Storage Module Drive

Catalog Number



Physical object


Control Data Corporation (CDC)

Identifying Numbers

Model number 877 Printed as "CDC MODEL" on top disk platter inside top of unit
Model number 9762 Etched on a metal plate on the front of the object
Other number 47308701 Printed on a white label inside the back door of the unit. Marked "ASSY".


overall: 34 in x 19 1/2 in x 35 in


The object is a rectangular object in a portrait orientation. There are access doors on both the front and the back. Square plastic buttons on the front are labeled START, READY, FAULT, and PROTECT. There is a flip up door on top which provides access to the disk platters. On the back of the unit below a vent screen is a power connector with a power cord connected, a "POWER SUPPLY" on/off switch, and "AC POWER" on/off switch. There is also a counter labeled "HOURS". There are also several multi-pin connectors near the right edge.


Memory & storage/disk


Gift of Seagate Technology

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