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TX-0 socket panel

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Physical object

Identifying Numbers

Serial number 1 Number is handwritten on the top left corner of the component side and the solder side of the object


overall: 3 in x 9 in x 1 1/4 in


This record contains a bracketed panel for the TX-0. There are holes for two screws at each end. There are 30 holes for pin sockets. 20 of the holes contain a variety of 5 and 7 pin sockets, 7 of the holes contain snap in plugs, and 3 of the holes are unpopulated. The pin sockets are color-coded with either a blue, yellow, and white painted dot. At the bottom of the object is piece of metal folded towards the solder side with four screw holes. At the top of the object is a piece of metal folded towards the component side. The letters "SSC" are stamped in black underneath the serial number and the letter B is engraved on the solder side.




Gift of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

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