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Blank backplane PC baord

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c. 1972

Identifying Numbers

Other number 11055 Rev. C In etch on the component side of the board
Serial number 006 Printed in black in on component side


overall: 8 1/8 in x 15 1/8 in x 1 in


This is a partially loaded backplane PC board. Only some power connectors are loaded.
There are traces for 3 double 100 pin edge connectors, and 3 single 100 pin edge connectors, with a large cutout where 2 edge connectors would have gone, and a notch where the 3rd other edge connector would have gone. In addition to the power connectors, there is a 16 pin dual-inline-package socket with no trace connections.
There is a blue tag tied to the board that says "accepted", date "6/02/72", part# 11055-1 rev. C, serial# 1006, part name "motherboard" and customer "I W.O.". Note that the part numbers are slightly different than what is printed on the board itself.


Gift of Jean Astrin Ichnowski

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