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Trimble, George

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George R. Trimble Jr. was born April 26, 1929, in Elkton, Maryland. He received his BA from St.
John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1948, and his master’s degree in mathematics from
the University of Delaware in Newark in 1952.
In 1948, Trimble began working at the Computing Laboratory of the Ballistic Research
Laboratories at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Aberdeen, Maryland, where he contributed to the
programming and development of the ENIAC, EDVAC, ORDVAC computers as well Bell
Laboratories and International Business Machine’s (IBM) relay calculators. He joined IBM’s
research labs in Endicott, New York, in 1952 and worked as a senior staff member of the
Applied Science Division where he helped design many of IBM’s early computers, including the
650 and 700 series systems, and wrote one of the first commercially available software
programs for the 650.
Trimble moved on to Computer Usage Company (CUC) in 1956, spending 12 years at the
software development company as corporate technical director of systems programming. While
at CUC, he supervised major application programs and was involved in most of the company’s
projects, including heading the design of a computer-based air traffic control system for the
Federal Aviation Administration and the development of software and an operating system for
the Texas Instruments Advanced Scientific Computer.
In 1968, Trimble left CUC and went to Penta Computer Associates as the vice president of
research and development. At Penta, he worked on the design and development of
applications, mainly real-time and systems programming, and conceived and developed Penta’s
KeyLogic data entry system.
Trimble left Penta in 1971 after it was acquired by REDCOR and began working as an
independent consultant with his own business, T-Logic. Projects Trimble worked on as a
consultant include the design of personal rapid transit systems for the U.S. Department of
Transportation’s Urban Mass Transportation Administration and the creation of software for
companies like Mergenthaler Linotype Company and Lockheed Electronics Company, among
others. Trimble also led seminars and talks on computing around the world. He died March 13,

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An email from Mr. Trimble providing information about Computer Usage Company in response to a request from Mr. Jerger. Donated by George Trimble.



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Information Technology Corporate Histories Collection

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