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VMS for programmers, VHDL design process forum, and other A/V material

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Moving image; Audio



Clark, Doug; Bartini, Mike

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

1 videotape; 1 CompacTape; 17 audiocassettes; 2 3.5-inch floppy disks; 2 slides


VHS; CompacTape; Cassette; 3.5-inch floppy disk; Slide


This box contains the following A/V material:
Nine bad ways to measure computer performance (1 VHS, plus printed presentation);
VMS for programmers (1 CompacTape, plus printed student workbooks, administrator guide, and testing booklet);
Paying for college : a financial aid teleconference (4 audiocassettes);
Introduction to VMS for MS-DOS (2 3.5-inch floppy disks, plus manual);
VHDL design process forum (6 audiocassettes, plus printed presentation);
Taking care of yourself during times of change and uncertainty (2 audiocassettes, plus printed workbook);
Using DECnet VAX : how to use VAXmail and other DECnet utilities (1 audiocasette, plus printed student guide);
College planning 101 (3 audiocassettes);
The road to resiliency : managing stress (1 audiocasette, plus printed presentation);
Covers of Sales update and Digital today (2 slides);
DMI management skills workshop : sommunications Skills by Janet Parker (1 printed presentation);
DMI management skills workshop : selection interviewing by Gary Villani (1 printed presentation);
DECnet : a self-paced course / DECnet Digital network architecture phase IV general description (1 book);
Pathworks : quick reference guide (1 book).


Talk; Company promotion; Presentation Material; Memory & storage/disk; Memory & storage/tape; Manual

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Moving images: DEC libraries' A/V holdings


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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