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1810 briefcase computer

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Circa 1983


Xerox Corporation


overall: 2 1/8 in x 16 in x 9 in


The development of the Xerox 1810 computer was not pursued to completion by Xerox, but was further developed by a team of former Xerox employees who left the company and formed Sunrise Systems to complete development and market this computer.

The 1810 built-in features included:
o 64K memory size, programmable in Microsoft BASIC and compatible with all CP/M software.
o Built-in clock with alarm.
o Appointment calendar.
o Four-function calculator with four memory banks.
o Auto-dialing speaker telephone.
o Microcassette tape recorder for dictating and data recording.
o Note-taker, with familiar typewriter-style keyboard.
o Full 80-character x 3 line LCD display.
o Teletype (TTY) terminal to communicate with remote computers or the home office.
o Connectors for TV or color monitor, printer, telephone, optional speaker and microphone.
o Built in NI-CAD rechargeable batteries, so you're power-independent.
o Plug-in applications packs for popular business programs such as text processing, spread sheet, file management, and others


Gift of Christian Jackson Pfeffer

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