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Other speakers and companies videotapes and CDs

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Moving image; Audio



Engelbart, Douglas C.; Hochsprung, Ron; Brown, Marc H.; Najork, Marc

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM); Sun Microsystems; Apple Computer, Inc.; BBC Open University; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Systems Research Center; University of Toronto

11 VHS; 4 U-matic; 1 CD


VHS; U-matic; CD


This box includes videotapes and a CD published by companies other than Xerox PARC or ParcPlace Systems and featuring speakers other than Goldberg.

Videos include:
ACM SIGPLAN History of Programming Languages, June 1978 : banquet anecdotes (2 U-matic);
ACM SIGPLAN History of Programming Languages, June 1978 : conference excerpts (2 U-matic);
Hard questions and soft answers (4 VHS);
Apple TV : Macintosh solutions for administrators (1 VHS);
The augmented knowledge workshop, by Doug Engelbart (from ACM Conference on the History of Personal Workstations, Jan. 9, 1986) (1 VHS);
Hyt visualization system, Dec. 1992 (1 VHS);
Apple TV : RISC/Power PC architecture, by Ron Hochsprung, March 26, 1192 (1 VHS);
Distributed active objects (1 VHS);
Sun Microsystems : distributed objects everywhere (1 VHS);
Self : the video (1 VHS);
Home hypnosis kit : Warner Bros. alternative sampler (1 CD).


Documentary; Lecture; Company promotion

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Adele Goldberg papers

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Videos and photographs


Gift of Adele Goldberg

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