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Future Soft Engineering, Inc.

System Requirements

An IBM PC, PS/2, or 100% compatible computer capable of running Windows 3.1, or greater; Four megabytes of RAM; Approximately 8.5 megabytes of free space on your personal computer's hard drive in order to install the complete DynaComm/Elite environment. You will need approximately 5.5 megabytes of space if you wish to install only the DynaComm/Elite application and drivers. If you are installing the files for a version of DynaComm/Elite shared from a network directory, you will need about 500 kilobytes on your personal computer's hard drive; Microsoft Windows must run in Standard or 386 Enhanced mode; Installation of the software for the communications adapter that your personal computer uses to connect to your host. DynaComm/Elite requires specific versions of the software for some types of communication links. AdaptSNA LAN Gateway (IPX/SPX) and Novell Gateway Required Versions: VPX.386 (11/21/91, 1:40 p.m., or later), IPX.COM (3.10, or greater); AdaptSNA LAN Gateway (TCP/IP) Required Versions: Sun Microsystem's PC-NFS for DOS (4.0af4 or greater), Novell's LAN WorkPlace for DOS (4.01 or greater); Microsoft SNA Server Required Versions: Microsoft Lan Manager (2.0C, or greater), Microsoft SNA Server (1.1, or greater).


3 1/2 inch floppy disk


Contents: 3 1/2 inch floppy disk (6); Registration card; Getting Started; Script Reference Multi-Session.

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Allen Kossow software collection

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