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TX-0 Flexowriter miscellaneous hardware

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Physical object


ca. 1956


The record contains the following parts for the Friden flexowriter:
one bag of various sized springs, one bag of connectors of various sizes, a bag of bolts, a multi-link chain with a tag dated "10-10-61, a bag of red and black plastic labels, a bag of black typewriter buttons, two bags of belts, three bags of brackets, a bag of metal tabs, a bag of u-shaped hooks, a bag of clips, a bag of phenolic board, spacers and small brackets, a bag of washers and insulators, two paper feed pin assembly, one vibration mount, a bag of lock washers, one pulley/ belt driver, one lever assembly, one large bag of shift cam assemblies, a bag of typewriter hammers and a slider casting.


Miscellaneous/tools and hardware