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Computer Chess Collection

Computer Chess

The Computer Chess archive contains documents, photos, movies and oral histories relating to the history of computer chess from 1945 to 1997. The history of computer chess is a five-decade long quest to build a computer to play chess and ultimately challenge one of the best human players.


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    Nelson G. Lucas at JOSS console
    Still Image, 1964 ca.
    Electronic Grand-Master chess game
    Milton Bradley Electronics, Ltd.
    Physical Object, 1982
    Sargon: A Computer Chess Program
    Hayden Book Company, Inc.
    Software, 1978
    Deep Thought II circuit board
    International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
    Still Image, 1989 ca.
    Fidelity Chess Challenger
    Fidelity Electronics, Ltd
    Still Image, 1978
    Murray Campbell, Deep Blue Team Member
    Still Image, 1997