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DEC PDP-1 Collection


The PDP-1 archive contains documents, photos, movies and music relating to Digital Equipment Corporation's groundbreaking PDP-1 computer. The launch of the PDP-1 (Programmed Data Processor-1) computer in 1959 marked a radical shift in the philosophy of computer design: it was the first commercial computer that focused on interaction with the user rather than the efficient use of computer cycles. It was also Digital Equipment Corporation's first computer.


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    MAINDEC 3 Address Test Program
    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
    Text, 1963
    MAINDEC 14 Typewriter Test Program
    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
    Text, 1963
    Gordon Bell in front of the restored DEC PDP-1
    Computer History Museum
    Still Image, 2004-06
    Artist rendering of PDP-1 front panel with paper tape reader
    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
    Still Image, 1963-10-04
    Letter from Jordan J. Baruch, of Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
    Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc. (BBN)
    Text, 1963-01-08
    DEC Interoffice Memorandum about the Noncomputer Applications of PDP-1
    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
    Text, 1960-03-18
    Spacewar! 4.8 7/24/63 dfw .pt1
    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
    Software, 1963-07-24
    Budgets from July to December 1957
    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
    Text, 1957
    Two users at PDP-1 at MIT
    Still Image, 1961 ca.