Gwen Bell Artifact and Book Collection

Gwen Bell Artifact and Book Collection

This rare and important collection comprises written works and physical objects relating to early calculating instruments and methods. These works and objects are held in the permanent collection of the Computer History Museum after generous gifts in 2012 and 2014 by Museum co-founders Gwen and Gordon Bell. The text items in this collection comprise works written in French, German, Latin and English. It begins in the early 17th century (ending in about 1980) and includes dozens of works such as mathematical, accounting, farming, astronomy, merchant and engineering tables, monographs on slide rules, arithmometers, planimeters, sectors, Napier´s Bones, military compasses, telescopes, as well as later-day commentaries on these instruments and their history. The written works are available online in scanned (PDF) form using the search function below. The object collection was established as a complement to the rare book collection and both serve to document the early origins and development of human measurement and computation. Its objects include: abaci, sectors, linear, circular and cylindrical slide rules, mechanical and electrical/electronic adding machines and calculators, and replicas of early calculators such as the Pascaline and the Schikard. With both written sources and complementary physical objects, the Bell Collection offers researchers a unique window into the early origins and development of history´s most significant calculating devices and methods.

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Physical object, 1960 ca.

Napier's Bones

Physical object, 1700 ca.

Otis King cylindrical slide rule
Otis King
Physical object

American adding machine
American Can Company
Physical object

"Consul" the Educated Monkey

Physical object, 1916 ca.

Barnard's co-ordinate spiral slide rule
Stanley, London
Physical object

Fuller's Spiral Slide Rule
W F Stanley
Physical object, ca.1900

PDP Magnetic Core Memory Stack
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Physical object

Everard slide rule

Physical object

Brunsviga Midgit cover

Physical object

Programmable toy robot

Physical object

Curta calculator
Contina Ltd.
Physical object, 1954

Millionaire's Mechanical Calculator floor stand
Hans W. Egli Co
Physical object, 1910 ca.

Slide rule simplified
American Technical Society
Text, 1955

The mythical man-month : essays on software engineering
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
Text, 1975

Calculating instruments and machines
The University of Illinois Press
Text, 1949