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IBM Stretch Collection

IBM Stretch

The IBM Stretch Archive is a collection of materials, primarily documents, relating to the IBM 7030 ("Stretch") computer project from 1955 to 1961. The IBM Model 7030 was one of the world's first supercomputers. Stretch incorporated a dazzling array of technical breakthroughs and was the fastest computer in the world for several years. It is considered a critical milestone in IBM history.


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    Time estimates on matrix ops
    Text, Nov. 20, 1957
    Talk with Don Pendery
    Text, Feb. 7, 1958
    Stretch cabling
    International Business Machines (IBM)
    Still Image
    Sorting Stretch cables
    International Business Machines (IBM)
    Still Image
    Stretch Reunion : interview with Larry Kanter
    Computer History Museum
    Text, Sept. 28, 2002
    Meeting with Bill English : Bell Lab computer
    Text, Nov. 13, 1958
    Stretch Reunion : interview with Peter Markstein
    Computer History Museum
    Text, Sept. 28, 2002
    Noisy mode report
    Text, [1959?]
    Invert 3 x 3 matrix
    Text, [1959?]
    7000-X Committee, discussion of goals and problems : meeting or contact report
    International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Data Processing Division
    Text, Nov. 12, 1958
    Model 7030 "Stretch" operator console
    International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
    Physical Object, 1961
    Logical connectives
    Text, Feb. 14, 1956
    Delta computer internal decimal code
    Text, Oct. 26, 1956
    Meeting on October 21, 1958
    Text, Oct. 24, 1958
    Modifications of the Exchange
    Text, Oct. 23, 1958