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Marketing Brochures Collection

Marketing Brochures

This collection is comprised of over 250 digitized brochures and represents a small sample of the museum's ephemera collection. These featured brochures, covering 1948 to 1988, highlight diverse computing applications and include over 90 companies.


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    Control Data 3200 Computer System/ Real Time Applications
    Control Data Corporation (CDC)
    Text, 1963
    The New PDP-12
    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
    Text, 1963
    Mesa Fortran Compilers
    Planning Research Corporation. Mesa Scientific Corporation Division
    Text, 1975
    SEL 810A General Purpose Computer
    Systems Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
    Text, 1967
    EAI 640 Digital Computing System
    Electronic Associates, Inc. (EAI)
    Text, 1966
    Atari Home Computers: The Next Generation
    Atari, Inc.
    Text, 1983
    Is Software Development Getting You Down?
    Leeco Inc.
    Text, 1981
    Univac 1004 II and Univac 1004 III
    Sperry Rand Corporation. Univac Data Processing Division
    Text, 1964
    Univac 9400 Computer, brochure cover
    Sperry Rand Corporation. Univac Data Processing Division
    Text, 1969 ca.
    Kearfott Aerospace Digital Computers
    General Precision, Inc.
    Text, 1967-05-01
    Biax Element Specification M-145-05
    Ford Motor Company. Aeronutronic Division
    Text, 1963-03
    NCR CRAM: Card random access memory
    National Cash Register Company (NCR)
    Text, 1960
    An Introduction to the UNIVAC File-Computer System
    Sperry Rand Corporation. Univac Data Processing Division
    Text, 1951
    Systron-Donner Analog Computers
    Systron-Donner Corporation
    Text, 1966-07
    HYCOMP 250---The first desk top hybrid analog/digital computing system
    Packard Bell Electronics. Packard Bell Computer
    Text, 1961