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Marketing Brochures Collection

Marketing Brochures

This collection is comprised of over 250 digitized brochures and represents a small sample of the museum's ephemera collection. These featured brochures, covering 1948 to 1988, highlight diverse computing applications and include over 90 companies.


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    Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I
    Tandy Radio Shack Corporation (TRS)
    Text, 1977
    IBM Personal Computers For the Office, Home, Classroom
    International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
    Text, 1983-02
    u-COMP DDP-516 General Purpose I/C Digital Computer
    Honeywell Inc. Computer Control Division
    Text, 1966
    Operating System Orientation for Management
    Honeywell Information Systems, Inc.
    Text, 1966
    I.C.T. 1900 Data Processing System
    International Computers and Tabulators, Limited (ICT)
    Text, 1964
    ADA for Cray Supercomputers. Cray Delivering the Power.
    Cray Research, Inc. (CRI)
    Text, 1988-09
    The Cray Extended Architecture Series of Computer Systems
    Cray Research, Inc. (CRI)
    Text, 1988-05
    Heath Inexpensive Electronic Analog Computer Kit
    Heath Company
    Text, 1956
    Programmed Data Processor - 4
    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
    Text, 1963-09
    Weather by computer: A report from Control Data Corporation
    Control Data Corporation (CDC)
    Text, 1963-08
    NCR 315 CRAM File
    National Cash Register Company (NCR)
    Text, 1962
    IBM 705 Magnetic Cores for Memory in Microseconds in a Great New IBM Electronic Data Processing Machine for Business
    International Business Machines Corporation. Data Processing Division. (IBM)
    Text, 1954
    The Cray-1 computer system
    Cray Research, Inc. (CRI)
    Text, 1977
    Bendix G-15 advertisement
    Bendix Aviation Corporation
    Text, 1955
    The Advantages of the Ferranti Sirius Computer
    Ferranti Ltd.
    Text, 1961-01
    Introducing the ERA 1101
    Engineering Research Associates (ERA)
    Text, 1951