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Oral History Collection | Computer History Museum

Oral History Collection

Oral History Collection

The Oral History Collection contains audio recordings, video footage, and transcripts of interviews and panel discussions with some of the world's most innovative computing pioneers. Interviews are conducted via the Museum's oral history program, which aims to preserve, collect, and communicate the unique stories of the Information Age to present and future generations.

Video footage and digital transcripts of interviews and panel discussions are accessible through this site and can be searched below. If you are interested in owning the video footage or audio recording of a specific interview for personal or educational use, please send inquiries to .

To suggest a panel topic or an interviewee, please email your suggestion and a short explanation describing the relevance to computing history to . Please be sure to also include your complete contact information and, if available, that of the prospective interviewee.

This search checks title, subject, contributors, and keywords across all oral histories. To perform a full text search, please use our Site Search.

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Watch and search select videos from the Museum's Oral History Collection with our new interactive transcript feature. The interactive transcript lets you navigate a video by clicking on any word in the transcript to play the video from that exact point. You can further explore the video by using a keyword search.

This section of our website is undergoing beta testing. We have selected a small number of oral histories for this phase. Let us know what you think by sending a comment or suggestion to .



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