Xbox Oral History Panel with Nick Baker, Todd Holmdahl, and Albert Penello

Moderated by Dag Spicer on 2014-03-25 in Mountain View, California, X7120.2014

Three key members of the original Microsoft Xbox team come together in this oral history to discuss the early development of Xbox and Xbox 360, two of the most significant game consoles in computer history. Architect Nick Baker, head of hardware Todd Holmdahl, and marketing lead Albert Penello cover the early development years of the original Xbox and their attempt to gain a foothold in the highly competitive game console market. They then continue with the history of the Xbox 360 console, the successor to the original, and the changing nature of the video game business during that period that allowed for innovations such as live, interconnected play over a network and the Kinect input capture device. Strategic, technical, and marketing aspects of this history are discussed, as are visions for the future of gaming.

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