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The Computer History Museum collection includes over 4,000 linear feet of documentation related to the history of computing. Here you can search a small portion of the document collection by subject-specific categories. To search a larger portion of the Museum's document collection as well as objects, software, photographs and films go to:

To conduct on-site research please visit:

Selling the Computer Revolution Selling the Computer Revolution
250+ digitized marketing brochures, representing some of the important technologies, companies, and applications in computing from 1948 to 1988.

PDP-1 Restoration Project PDP-1 Restoration Project
Learn about the history and our recent restoration of a PDP-1. Explore almost 200 documents, photos, movies and music related to this amazing machine.

Stretch Collection Stretch Collection
900+ digitized historical materials related to the IBM 7030 ("Stretch") computer project from 1955 to 1961.

The documents on this site are for research purposes only, for use please refer to:

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