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Institutional Partnerships

As technology evolves, so do we. Intuit started as a financial software company nearly 30 years ago with the creation of Quicken for the desktop. Today, our customers can simply manage their business and personal finances from the palm of their hand, no matter where they are. Software is part of our legacy, and we’re delighted to support the Computer History Museum's 'Make Software, Change the World' exhibit as well as its commitment to preserve and present the innovation behind the information age.
—Brad Smith
President and CEO, Intuit, Inc.

Our partners provide crucial financial support to help CHM preserve computing history as it happens. With their help, we have grown from humble beginnings to become an internationally recognized state-of-the-art Museum with multiple exhibitions, lectures, education programming, and radio, television and YouTube broadcasts. Join this prestigious alliance as we work together to share the fascinating stories – lessons of failure as well as tremendous success – that define the information age.

The Computer History Museum thanks the following institutional partners for their generous commitment to our mission:




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Associate Director of Corporate Development
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Associate Director of Grant Development