Core Magazine 2016

Core Magazine, 2016 Issue

Explore this issue of Core as we take a critical look at the significance and changing roles of women in computing through the lenses of history, business, the economy, philanthropy, and social impact.

This Issue

Features: The Scientific Life of Ada Lovelace (Ursula Martin, Oxford University); Against Meritocracy in the History of Computing (Marie Hicks, Illinois Institute of Technology); Women in Computing through the Lens of Datamation (Dag Spicer, CHM); and Debugging Entrepreneurship for Women in Silicon Valley (Marguerite Gong Hancock, CHM).

Articles: The Making of Thinking Big: Ada, Countess of Lovelace (Kirsten Tashev, CHM); Programming in the Pond (Michael Horn, Northwestern University); SuperBetter Author Jane McGonigal Talks Social Transformation and Games (John Hollar, CHM); Should Auld Acquaintance Be Rediscovered (Karen Kroslowitz, CHM); Empowering Educators with Raspberry Pi (Kate McGregor, CHM); Connecting Silicon Valley to History (Paula Jabloner, CHM & Cisco Archive); Early Entrepreneur Sandy Learner (Charles House, InnovaScapes Institute); Jake Feinler: Behind the Curtain of the Internet (Marc Weber, CHM); Recent Artifact Donations (Chris Garcia, CHM); and Donor Profile: Severns Family Foundation (Amanda Reilly, CHM).

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