Core Magazine 2017

Core Magazine, 2017 Issue

Explore this issue of Core magazine, with articles about CHM's Center for Software History, Exponential Center, Education Center, and Shustek Center. Feature sections unveil the making and opening of our major exhibition Make Software: Change the World!, while a series of essays provide testament to the original scholarship and research taking place at the Museum.

This Issue

Features: Software Everywhere (David C. Brock, Center for Software History); A Short History of Objective-C (Hansen Hsu, Center for Software History); When Silicon Valley Realized It Could Put Computing in Your Pocket (John Markoff); Making Make Software (Kirsten Tashev); and The Net Is Eating Software (Marc Weber, Internet History Program).

Articles: The Forces of Change in the Transformation Age (John C. Hollar); Launching Exponential: A Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Marguerite Gong Hancock, Exponential Center); Introducing the Center for Software History (David C. Brock); New Shustek Center Promotes Acquisitions, Archives, and Access (Karen Kroslowitz); Designing a New Space for Learning: A New Era for Education at CHM (Lauren Silver); Recent Artifact Donations (Dag Spicer & David C. Brock); and Ray and Meredith Rothrock Invest in the Museum’s Exponential Center (Pamela Gesme Miller).

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