Core Magazine 2014

Core Magazine, 2014 Issue

This issue of Core magazine features a special series of articles dedicated to the overlapping anniversaries of the web, beginning with the 25th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee's first proposal for the World Wide Web. Also featured is an in-depth historical account about the major players who oversaw the complicated production of one of history's most successful computers, the IBM System/360.

Get updates about the Museum's current exhibits, like our recently opened IBM 1401 Demo Lab, and learn about the exciting progress we’ve made to bring you Make Software: Change the World! Take a look inside our collection of Fairchild Semiconductor lab and patent notebooks, including the notebooks of Gordon Moore, Bob Noyce, and Andy Grove. Learn what it means to "Lean In" with excerpts from one of our acclaimed Revolutionaries lectures featuring Sheryl Sandberg and Eric Schmidt. Take a look back and celebrate the life and contributions of visionary and modern computing pioneer Douglas Engelbart. Read these stories and more in our latest edition of Core!

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