Get Invested Program: Case Studies in Innovation

Students with Rich Hilleman
Students with Rich Hilleman

Get Invested: Case Studies in Innovation is the Museum’s award-winning STEM+ program for high schools. Blending best practices in formal and informal education, Get Invested uses design thinking and project-based learning to engage students with the concepts, challenges, opportunities, and processes involved in innovation and entrepreneurship. Lessons from the past inform creative thinking about the future as students develop innovative technology-based solutions for contemporary global challenges and learn what it might take to transform their ideas into reality.

Get Invested is offered in two formats: a 2 ½-hour workshop and an extended 12-unit program. The curriculum exemplifies frameworks for Science and Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards and aligns with Common Core State Standards in Math and English Language Arts, as well as 21st century skills related to critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration, and creativity.

Talking to the Future

Student with Al Alcorn
Student with Al Alcorn

Talking to the Future is a key highlight of the Get Invested program. During a day filled with dynamic, exciting activities such as design challenges, speaker panels, and interactive demonstrations, tech industry leaders come together with Get Invested students to share ideas, showcase their work, and inspire each other to transform creative ideas into viable technology-based solutions for today’s global challenges.

Tech leaders who have participated in Talking to the Future include:

  • Genevieve Bell, Director, Interaction and Experience Labs at Intel
  • Rich Hilleman, Chief Creative Officer at Electronic Arts
  • Al Alcorn, inventor of the Pong video game and co-founder of Atari
  • Rakesh Bharania and Tiago da Costa Silva of the Tactical Operations/Disaster Response Team at Cisco Systems

What Students and Teachers Say about Get Invested

I believe that Get Invested is not focused on technology or on solving problems...but on teaching us students tools so that we can develop criteria, ideas, teamwork, analysis, integration, creativity, and innovation all together! This program allows us to be challenged in order to create something new that we don't normally think about. Student, Academía Informática, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico
One of the things that interested me about the project was because it seemed like something I wanted to do in the future. I want to build great products to sell, to just help everyone. Student, Central County Occupational Center, San Jose, CA
I find that this has been a very important learning experience in all aspects. For me as a teacher I have learned all sorts of things, from logistics, to history, tech tools, teaching tools, collaboration tools, new topics in the field of computing... Teacher, Academía Informática, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico
Through our participation in Get Invested this year, we have been able to engage our students in the process of creating innovative technology-based solutions to problems in their community. To coincide with the curricular focus of our Green Ventures Academy, the topical focus has been on technology and food science. Get Invested’s design thinking approach to creative problem solving, in which students and teachers collaborate to identify meaningful problems and create effective solutions, has been immensely successful. Administrator, John F. Kennedy High School, Fremont, CA

How to Participate

Classes wishing to participate in Get Invested have two options. Both options include Talking to the Future.

Get Invested Workshop

An interactive program designed to spark curiosity about the deeper questions involved in using technology to solve global challenges. Workshops last 2 ½ hours and must be reserved at least six weeks in advance. For more information, consult School Programs.

Get Invested Extended Program

A unique opportunity for teachers who wish to immerse their students in a rich inquiry-based experience that brings project-based learning and design thinking into the classroom. 12 teaching units take students through the processes involved in identifying problems, analyzing and interpreting possible solutions, and pitching their ideas to business and technology experts. Students collaborate on teams and adopt professional roles that give them insight into the realities of bringing innovative ideas to market.

The curriculum is flexible and can be adapted to suit classroom content in any subject. Participating teachers receive curriculum materials, assessment guidelines, training, and significant support to ensure a successful experience.

For More Information

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