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Nature or Nurture: My Life in Technology, So Far


Institute for Women and Technology (IWT)

Judy Estrin, and Yogen Dalal

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Reception for members and invited guests - 6:00 PM
Member and invited guest seating begins - 6:30 PM
Pre-registered non-member seating begins - 6:45 PM
General seating - 6:55 PM
Lecture - 7:00 PM
Event ends promptly - 9:00 PM

Priority seating for members, invited guests, and pre-registered lecture attendees will be honored until 6:55 PM.
At 6:55 PM, seats will be released on a first come first served basis.

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Full Lecture - Nature or Nurture, My Life in Technology, So Far
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Reception and Lecture
Microsoft Offices: Silicon Valley Campus
Building 1
1065 La Avenida (formerly Lavenida)
Mountain View, CA 94043

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Call (650) 810-1898 for information.

Rare in such a young industry, Judy Estrin is a second-generation computer scientist who has been around computing all of her life. Her parents, Thelma and Gerald Estrin, both PhD's in electrical engineering and IEEE Fellows, worked together when Judy was an infant to build Israel's first mainframe computer, the Weizac, based on the principles developed by John von Neumann.

In graduate school at Stanford in 1975, at age 20, Judy tested TCP/IP protocols as part of Vint Cerf's group, just as the details of the early Internet were being formed. At 24, she became engineering manager at Zilog, with some 20 engineers on her team.

At 26, she co-founded her first company with her husband, Bill Carrico. Eighteen years later, Cisco Systems acquired their third startup, and at age 44, she became chief technology officer of the largest networking equipment company in the world.

Thrice named to Fortune Magazine's list of the 50 most powerful women in American business, Judy is presently CEO of her fourth start-up, Packet Design, formed in May 2000.

Join us as Judy tells the inside story of the people and experiences that have formed her remarkable career.

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