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The Road Less Taken: The Technology Transitions of Suhas Patil

Dr. Suhas Patil

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Reception for members and invited guests - 6:00 PM
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Lecture - 7:00 PM
Event ends promptly - 9:00 PM

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In this Museum Archive talk, Suhas Patil relays early influences and stories about his life experiences as a scientist, applied mathematician, educator, and entrepreneur.

As a school kid in Jamshedpur, India, Suhas began his technology journey playing with magnetic relays and WWII vacuum tubes. In high school he built a radio transmitter, learning from an ARRL (ham radio) handbook. By the time he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, he was programming in Fortran on an IBM 1620.

In the 1960s at MIT, he built one of the first online information management systems on the CTSS timesharing system. In the 1970s he built a silicon compiler.

In the early 1980s, Suhas pioneered the fabless semiconductor revolution with the founding of Cirrus Logic. Now as chairman of Cradle Technologies, he is hoping to launch the next major change in the industry with a soft silicon, computational approach to achieving silicon functionality in integrated circuits.

On this very special evening, Suhas will share insights gained from his lifelong fascination with recognizing transitions in technology, finding new solutions, and doing what it takes to bring them to fruition.

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