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Mom Loved Him Best: Bert & Ivan Sutherland with Bob Sproull

Sun Microsystems

Ivan Sutherland, Bert Sutherland, and Bob Sproull

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Reception for members and invited guests - 6:00 PM
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Lecture - 7:00 PM
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Join us as computing industry legends and brothers Bert and Ivan Sutherland reminisce about their collective 100 plus years with computers and electronics.

Bert Sutherland developed, managed and mentored some of the most important computing innovations of the past half-century, from Bolt, Beranek & Newman ( BBN) and Xerox PARC in the 1970s to managing Java development at Sun Microsystems Laboratories in the 1990s.

Ivan Sutherland is considered by many to be the creator of computer graphics.

On this special evening, Bert and Ivan recount memorable events, lessons, and stories from Lincoln Lab TX-2, ARPA, BBN, PARC, E&S, Navy & Army service, an occasional odd university, consulting days, and Sun Labs. They touch on the highlights of their technical and management careers, and engage in a lively discussion session with the audience.

Graphics pioneer, longtime friend and colleague, Bob Sproull, is guest host and moderator.

Technology and Courage
MPC Adventures
Micropipelines (Ivan's Turing Award lecture)
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