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Information Age companies have achieved material technological, economic and societal impacts. The Exponential Center will chronicle the amazing stories of these companies and study the entire ecosystem behind their success. Dave Martin,
Founder and Managing Director,
280 Capital Partners

As part of the Computer History Museum, the Exponential Center focuses on capturing and presenting the legacies and lessons of pioneering people and companies at the heart of Silicon Valley and around the world. The Center draws on our world-class collection and archive in the history of computing.

The Museum’s permanent collection includes artifacts that document the birth and evolution of major companies, including pitch decks, business plans, notebooks, prototypes, first products, marketing advertisements, business memos, company photos, hardware, software, movies, audio recordings, ephemera, and more. The collection also includes oral histories and video interviews of innovators, founders, executives, venture capitalists, and other members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Exponential Center is working to expand and make accessible this rapidly growing collection. The center is also using this unique collection to create online exhibits as well as unique educational content for Museum visitors and online viewers around the world.

Collection Highlights

Roots of Microsoft

In 1975, two young hackers, united by a passion for computers, set out to share their obsession with the world.
Silicon Valley, USA, Electronic News

Silicon Valley, USA, Electronic News

In 1971 Silicon Valley got its name.

Rethinking Service Design

Facebook is changing our sense of identity and social connections.
Moore Patent Notebook

Moore Patent Notebook

Discover the notebook of the man behind Moore's Law.
Google Server

Google Server

If you did a Google search in the late 1990s, your query may have come through this custom-built server rack.
Apple Computer Inc. Preliminary Confidential Offering Memorandum

Apple Computer Inc. Preliminary Confidential Offering Memorandum

How did Apple’s founders articulate their business plan to early investors?

Facing the Future Now

How does Elon Musk—founder of PayPal, Solar City, Tesla and SpaceX—talk about challenges for the future?
Amazon Fiona (Kindle)

Amazon Fiona (Kindle)

Designed in 2005 at Amazon’s Silicon Valley R&D campus, Lab126, this was the first prototype for the original Kindle: Project Fiona.

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley

Arthur Rock pioneered venture capital investing with founders at Fairchild Semiconductor, Intel, Apple and many Silicon Valley firms.
The era of microelectronics is nothing less than a pivotal landmark in the continuing history of the human condition. The Exponential Center will make a significant contribution to the archive of how this phenomenon came to be. Irwin Federman,
Senior Advisor, US Venture Partners