Semiconductor Special Interest Group (Semi SIG)

Fairchild Micrologic Type "F" Flip-Flop Integrated Circuit 1960 Courtesy Fairchild Semiconductor

The Semiconductor Special Interest Group (Semi SIG) comprises academic, industry, and professional volunteers who augment the work of the Computer History Museum staff in identifying, collecting, documenting, and exhibiting the impact of semiconductor technology on the history of computing.

Primitive semiconductor devices appeared in crystal radios in the early 1900s. The first transistor sprang into life in 1947 and the first monolithic integrated circuits were introduced in 1961. Fifty years later manufacturers were building devices with a billion transistors on a chip.

Semi SIG activities focus on collecting and preserving the stories and artifacts of this extraordinary era. Projects include recording oral histories of industry pioneers products and companies; collecting semiconductor devices and related documents and media; and raising funds to support the goals of the SIG.

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This archive contains transcripts of oral history interviews and panel discussions with key pioneers and contributors to the information age that have been collected by the Computer History Museum.

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This site was established to collect and present information related to Fairchild Semiconductor as part of the October 2007 celebration of the company founding fiftieth anniversary.

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