Software Industry Special Interest Group (SI SIG)

PC Financial and Management Software workshop, 2004

The Software Industry Special Interest Group (SI SIG) is dedicated to preserving for future generations information about the companies, people, products, and events that shaped the computer software and services industry.

Since it was founded in 2000 (as the Software History Center), SI SIG has been active in collecting and communicating software industry history by:

  • Organizing and conducting pioneer history meetings covering the principal software and services company areas
  • Conducting workshops at the various pioneer meetings, which are then transcribed, edited and posted on the Computer History website
  • Conducting, with the help of a group of world-class historians, oral histories of industry pioneers, which are then transcribed, edited and posted on the Computer History website
  • Collecting historic materials from software industry pioneers, companies and other industry organizations
  • Collecting historic information on software using the information collection database system developed by the Information Technology Corporate Histories Project
  • Editing special issues of the IEEE Annals of Computing History covering primary areas of software interest
  • Planning the software history alcove in the Computer History Timeline Exhibit and supporting the other Timeline alcoves in terms of software contributions

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