IC@50 Media Reference

This web page provides content to facilitate the media’s understanding of the Computer History Museum’s (CHM) celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Integrated Circuit (IC@50).

Table of Contents

  1. Media Overview of the IC@50
  2. Statements (video) from corporations celebrating the IC@50
  3. a. Solar
    b. Wireless
    c. Semiconductor
    d. PR Contacts

  4. Content resources about the IC and semiconductor from the CHM collection
  5. Education Content
  6. Online Collection Search

Overview of the IC@50

Statements on IC@50

The integrated circuit is the foundation for modern life. Isaac Asimov once described the innovation of the integrated circuit as “the most important moment since man emerged as a life form.” It is central to our mission to tell these ground-breaking stories of technological progress, and to put them in context for all of us today.

The solar and wireless Industries are two illustrations of the impact of the integrated circuit. See video and written content below discussing these important milestones.

Brian Halla, CEO National Semiconductor

Ravi Subramanian, CEO Berkeley Design Automation
Arpit Joshipura, Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Communications, Ericsson
Intel Executives on the Impact of the Semiconductor

PR Contacts

Fiona Tang, Computer History Museum
Phone: (650) 810-1036
Email: ftang@computerhistory.org
Kimberly Stoddard, Eastwick Communications for the Computer History Museum
Phone: (650) 480-4033
Email: kimberly@eastwick.com or chm@eastwick.com
Mary Ellen Burd, Chemical Heritage Foundation
Phone: (215) 873-8294
Email: mburd@chemheritage.org
Marlene Williamson, Ericsson
Phone: (408) 750-5310
Email: marlene.williamson@ericsson.com
Christine Vermes, Intel
Email: christine.vermes@intel.com
LuAnn Jenkins, National Semiconductor
Phone: (408) 721-2440
Email: luann.jenkins@nsc.com
Christy Brunton, Texas Instruments
Phone: (281) 274-5805
Email: cbrunton@ti.com

Content Resources about the IC and Semiconductor from the CHM Collection

The Silicon Engine Exhibit
CHM Channel on YouTube

Oral Histories and Discussions to Review

Education Content

Archival Finding Aids
Guide to selected collections of documents in the CHM Collection, including the Peter N. Schink papers, Steve Allen photographs of Fairchild Semiconductor, John C. McDonald papers, John C. McDonald papers, Fairchild Semiconductor employee papers, and the Don Liddie Signetics collection.

Online Collection Search

Catalog Search
Major collection of semiconductor devices, boards, packaging materials, ephemera and technical, marketing and corporate documents on companies, products, and technology. Some are included in the Catalog Search facility but many are not.
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