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Museum Exterior
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Museum Logo
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  1. Full Set of Images (ZIP, Full Size 279.99 MB)
  2. Calculators (ZIP, Full Size 3.35 MB)
  3. Punched Cards (ZIP, Full Size 11.08 MB)
  4. Analog Computers (ZIP, Full Size 17.85 MB)
  5. Early Computer Companies (ZIP, Full Size 30.88 MB)
  6. Real Time Computing (ZIP, Full Size 11.26 MB)
  7. Mainframe Computers (ZIP, Full Size 8.7 MB)
  8. Memory and Storage (ZIP, Full Size 27.98 MB)
  9. Supercomputers (ZIP, Full Size 3.74 MB)
  10. Minicomputers (ZIP, Full Size 15.33 MB)
  11. Digital Logic (ZIP, Full Size 0.63 MB)
  12. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (ZIP, Full Size 10.98 MB)
  13. Input Output (ZIP, Full Size 12.19 MB)
  14. Computer Graphics Music and Art (ZIP, Full Size 15.72 MB)
  15. Computer Games (ZIP, Full Size 35.55 MB)
  16. Personal Computers (ZIP, Full Size 15.25 MB)
  17. Mobile Computers (ZIP, Full Size 18.17 MB)
  18. Networking and The Web (ZIP, Full Size 27 MB)