System Photos

This is the IBM 1620 photo gallery of system pictures. Unless otherwise credited, all images are by Computer History Museum.

All photos are shown in miniature to conserve download time. Clicking on any one will display a larger version of it.

This is a complete basic IBM 1620 Data Processing System consisting of the IBM 1620 computer and the IBM 1621 Paper Tape unit. This photo was taken from an IBM 1620 brochure.

Computer History Museum's IBM 1620 Model 1 computer system. Note the missing console typewriter in the photo. The cabinet behind the 1620 is the optional IBM 1623 Core Storage unit.

This is a very complete IBM 1620 Model 2 computer system. Included are the 1620 system unit, 1311 disc drive, 1621 paper tape unit, 1625 core storage unit, 1622 card reader/punch, 1443 line printer as well as some unit-record equipment. This photo is courtesy of the Technology Museum of Thessaloniki.

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