IBM 1620 Project Journal

Live Meeting

This is the portal to our Live Meeting (LM) area.

For a schedule of Live Meetings, please see the calendar. Transcripts of all scheduled Live Meetings will be archived and available.

LM can also be used as a meeting area for impromptu discussions any time there isn't a scheduled meeting. The parties just need to agree as to a time and use it. Note that there might be residual material on the WhiteBoard and in the Dialogue if it hasn't been cleared since the last discussion.

Its also possible to use LM as a single user (for practice) but people will wonder about you if you talk to yourself too much.   :-)

Finally, remember that this is a public forum. There is no security on this site and Live Meetings can be viewed by anyone in the world.

Please report any problems, comments or suggestions to DaveB.

To join the Live Meeting, please enter your name for identification purposes: