IBM 1620 Project Journal


This web site exists solely to help the IBM 1620 project team. It is meant to contain the information that we need to do our work.

Active discussions about what to do and how to do it will happen via the team email alias and/or the Live Meeting area. Once we decide something, it will be documented here.

Its expected that this will be a dynamic site with unannounced changes occurring every few days. You are encouraged to check back often for new information.

On this site it is content not form which counts. As long as it's readable and understandable, that's all we need. Let's spend our time on the project and the public material not making this site fancy.

If you think of something which would be generally beneficial to the team, please let me know or build (update) the HTML page and email it to me. Even better, if you know a clever way we can all directly update this web site, speak up.

Finally, the index items to the left are color-coded:

Blue for pages which haven't changed since you last visited them.

Red for pages which have changed and you should check them out.