IBM 1620 Project Journal

PE Notes

Dave Wise arranged a donation of the schematic capture / board layout software - WinDraft - by the Ivex Corporation. Using it, Dave (with the help of Mike Stroven) has completed rev. 2.1 of the Peripheral Emulator design.

This design is based on Dave's rev. 2 circuit design laid out on two etched 6U VME boards - one for the typewriter/console interface and one for the paper tape reader/punch interface. There is the provision for a third board for the card reader/punch interface.

Dave has written an exhaustive "Principals of Operation" document on the details of the design, including the programming considerations. It's available here for reading.

Here are Dave's notes on the design revision history.

Finally, all of the WinDraft data files and the PostScript layouts are available for downloading here.

The next steps are the final review of the design and then building it.