IBM 1620 Project Journal

SW Notes

Tim Coslet has been busy putting together a cross-assembler for the 1620. It is PC-hosted and generates a raw memory image file and listing as output. It is based on a shareware macro assembler. Tim asked the developer for (and received) a free, unlimited license for use on the 1620 project.

This assembler will be used to develop the software we need to checkout and then debug problems with the 1620 during bring up.

The first version of the assembler is now available for use. Note that it is an MSDOS program which only runs on PC's. Please respect the terms of the license agreement and only use it for this project. Click here to download the complete zip archive of files.

DaveB has arranged for Purdue University to donate an extensive library of 1620 software on punched cards. It contains both the official IBM release software and the 1620 User's Group contributed software. Once the IBM 1620 software library arrives we'll need to catalog it and get it read.

The software team needs to begin defining a standardized file format for paper tape, punched card and disc images. It must be extensible in the future to include other magnetic media and other computer systems. We'll use this standardized format for archiving all IBM 1620 software and it will be the file format used by the simulator and PC paper tape emulator.