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The Museum has a rich and diverse collection for the technical, business, and cultural histories of software, as well as other software studies. The collection spans executable programs and source code on a variety of media, trade publications and market reports, personal papers, corporate records, photography, film and video recordings, oral history, and associated objects. The Center for Software History is working to expand and preserve this collection, to make it more accessible, and to put it to use in a variety of ways.

Source Code Releases

The Museum has pioneered the collection and public release of the source code for important historical software. Visit the pages below to learn about, and access, these milestones in software history.

Milestones in Software History

Software Preservation Group

The work of the Center for Software History builds on the pioneering efforts of the Museum’s Software Preservation Group in the preservation and presentation of critical historical software, source code, and associated materials.

The Group’s website contains a wealth of content and perspectives. See its collections on:

Software History Holdings

The Museum has a great depth, breadth, and diversity of holdings in its collection connected to software history. Check back here in the future for curated selections. In the meanwhile, begin your exploration by visiting Collections Search.

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