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Today: April 23, 2014

August 31, 1994

Aldus and Adobe Systems Finalize Merger

Aldus Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc. finalized their merger. The two companies hoped to combine forces in creating powerful desktop publishing software, building on the field Aldus founder Paul Brainerd had created in 1985 with his PageMaker software. Adobe's Chuck Geschke gave Brainerd credit for making personal computers more appealing to the masses: "John Sculley, a young fellow at Apple, got three groups together - Aldus, Adobe, and Apple - and out of that came the concept of desktop publishing. Paul Brainerd of Aldus is probably the person who first uttered the phrase. All three companies then took everybody who could tie a tie and speak two sentences in a row and put them on the road, meeting with people in the printing and publishing industry and selling them on this concept. The net result was that it turned around not only the laser printer but, candidly, Apple Computer. It really turned around that whole business."