This Day in History: January 16

      January 2017
Today: October 21, 2017
SAGE Is Disclosed to the Public
SAGE Command Room

January 16, 1956

SAGE Is Disclosed to the Public

The US government's Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) is disclosed to the public. SAGE, an air defense system, linked hundreds of radar stations in the United States and Canada in the first large-scale computer communications network. With the increasing possibility of a large-scale bomber attack on the United States in the mid-1950s, it became evident that further improvements in the nation's defense capability were needed. MIT's Lincoln Laboratory was commissioned to develop an automated nationwide computer-based air defense system. SAGE was completed in the early 1960s, revolutionizing air defense and civilian air traffic control. In 1979, SAGE was replaced by Regional Operations Control Centers (ROCC).