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Today: July 27, 2014
Harrison Dit Morse, one of the programmers, looks at a script being printed on the TX-0

October 26, 1960

Saga, a Silent Shoot-Em-up Western Playlet Made on the TX-0 computer, Was Run on CBS' Special for MIT's 100th Anniversary

The TX-0 was the first general purpose transistorized computer. The program for Saga comprised 4,096 words of magnetic core storage. The 13,000 lines of code choreographed the movements of each object. A line of direction was written for each action, even if it went wrong. This led to the high point of the show where sheriff put his gun in the holster of the robber resulting in a never ending loop.

Doug Ross explained the rule-based diagram: If the robber drank from alcohol, his judgement would start to decline, but the program would remain logical.