David  Anderson

David Anderson

ClearEdge Power

Dave Anderson is Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at ClearEdge Power, a leader in creating fuel cells for distributed power generation. After a long career in computing and software, Dave is pursuing a second career in energy generation and energy systems management. “The parallels to the maturation of the computing industry are numerous and very helpful in moving energy to a modern systems business.

Dave has consulted or been CEO/top executive in a variety of technology companies including Gridiron, Verari, Sendmail and others.

For the first 27 years of his career, Anderson was at Amdahl Corporation, a very successful startup and later a division of Fujitsu. He served as CTO and SVP of all product groups. He developed the redirection of Amdahl's business strategy, transforming it from a mainframe organization to software and services focused operation.

Anderson holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Stanford University.