Martin   Duursma

Martin Duursma

Vice President Citrix Technology Office

Martin Duursma is the Vice President of the Citrix Technology Office, which comprises the Citrix CTO Council, Citrix Labs and the Citrix Startup Accelerator. The CTO Council is responsible for cross company technology strategy as well as educating and evangelizing technology directions, trends and standards within Citrix.

In his Citrix Labs role, Duursma is chartered with conceiving and producing creative products, components and technologies crucial to the company's success. His global responsibilities include development groups located in Redmond, WA, and Sydney, Australia which pioneer and review new technologies with a two to three-year horizon. Ultimately, these technologies become part of the Citrix product portfolio. Additionally, he is responsible for external innovation through the Citrix Startup Accelerator group which invests in early stage companies and has an incubator campus in Santa Clara, CA.

Martin has more than 30 years of experience in software development and technology innovation. He joined Citrix in 1997 when his company, Datapac Australasia, was purchased by Citrix and he was named Vice President of its Computer Appliance Products group. Martin is a member of the IEEE.

He is based in Australia but spends a minimum of one month per quarter on the West coast. Martin's hobbies include auto racing and photography.