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The Cisco Archive

The Computer History Museum is undertaking a groundbreaking collaboration with San Jose-based Cisco Systems to preserve its three decade history

  • The Center for Cisco Heritage documents, preserves and reveals Cisco's significant role in shaping the Internet and becoming the worldwide leader in networking.
  • The collaboration taps into the Museum's extensive experience in computing history and archives management.
  • Explore Cisco History with our online catalog.

Documenting networking technology within Cisco's corporate environment allows the Computer History Museum to capture Silicon Valley history at one of its sources. It builds Cisco's capacity to preserve its place in the history of the Internet and achieves a Museum goal to chronicle institutional knowledge in an industry that remains forward-thinking but is not historically reflective. The result is a case study in understanding how the agricultural Valley of Heart's Delight evolved into the world's technology hub.

Leading this pioneering Center is Paula Jabloner, Director of Digital Collections, with 20 years of archival experience in a wide variety of settings. Stephanie Waslohn, Cisco Archivist, manages day to day operations. We encourage all Cisco buffs and hoarders of historical materials to contact the archive team. We depend on your contributions to preserve Cisco's tangible legacy. Watch for updates as the Cisco collection grows, and feel free to contact the team with questions.

The Cisco Systems
1987 original logo from AGS router
We are very pleased that Museum involvement will provide gravitas to the Cisco Archive endeavor by tapping into their extensive archival and curatorial expertise. Correspondingly by generously supporting the Museum we are making a commitment to preserving the broader and unparalleled history of Silicon Valley. Don Proctor,
Museum trustee, Center CEO
and former Cisco senior vice-president

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The archive preserves materials that capture the history of Cisco, including:
  • Annual Reports
  • Newsletters and publications
  • Videos
  • Marketing materials (ads, brochures, branded merchandise, promotional items)
  • Product packaging
  • Key products and hardware
  • Employee and other handbooks
  • Memorabilia reflecting Cisco culture and workplace (t-shirts, mugs, hats)
  • Photographs
  • Scrapbooks
  • Early web presence (CEC & external)
  • News reports and clippings
  • Product specifications, documentation, drawings
  • Press releases and social media endeavors
  • Historic software
  • Directories
  • Organizational charts
  • Business plans and other planning documentation
  • Historic correspondence and memoranda
  • Competitor information (i.e., industry reports and analysis

This is just a wish list. If you have something that tells a part of the Cisco story, we want to hear from you.

NOTE: We're not collecting items currently used for business purposes.

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